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Giving Thanks To Your Roof Above!

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The wonderful month of November always brings fond memories of cooler, crisp weather, spending time with loved ones, and chowing down on arguably the best food of the year (not to mention the time honored tradition of seeing ‘ol Uncle Ted passed out in the easy chair in front of a football game due to too much turkey and other libations)! 

This time of year is always the traditional time on the calendar where we Americans look back on the year and reflect on the moments and memories that have made the past handful of months worthwhile and joyous.

Durability Roofing also finds this time of year a great time to give thanks for a well-working roof as it keeps you and your family safe through the wet winter months. The following are 3 “thanks” that we would like to give to the roof above.

The Roof Shields All You Hold Dear

Purchasing and owning a home is an undeniably large part of a lot of peoples’ lives. It only makes sense to take care of this life-long commitment you have made to owning property. Making routine inspections and participating in regular maintenance on your roof will help to extend the life of your house overall.

Day-to-day repairs on other items around your house may seem more relevant and less daunting than repairing and maintaining your roof at the moment, but make no mistake that the general upkeep on your roof will help you to avoid those major and intense roof repairs.

Property Value, Going up!

While not every homeowner is always looking to sell their house, it is always a wise idea to keep your entire property in good shape, while also making additions and upgrades when the time and your pocketbook permits it. The same holds true for your roof. This can mean not only maintaining your current roof, but also adding upgrades and aesthetic value pieces such as new gutters or custom awnings. In addition, if you were to decide to sell your house at some point, a well cared-for and maintained roof has much, much more resale value than a roof that has been neglected with needed repairs.

Weather Defense System At Its Best

We live in Florida; no doubt one of the more weather battered states in the country. While we may luck out on avoiding cold weather, we are inundated with heat, humidity, and relentless rain and wind. What more could a Floridian be thankful for this time of year than a roof that deflects and protects against all the nasty weather patterns mentioned above. Furthermore, a well functioning roof will add to the overall efficiency of your home any time of the year.

Even though this time of year tends to be a time when people relax and like to take it easy, don’t be afraid to contact Durability Roofing if you feel your roof is in need of a fix or repair that can’t wait until after the holiday season. Making the right decision about your roof now will have you feeling thankful all season long.

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