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Owning and maintaining a property, and the roof which goes along with that property, should be considered a marathon and not a race. One must understand what to keep an eye for and what the proper actions should be when trouble is spotted. At the end of the day, we always recommend calling a professional before things get out of hand. The following 5 pointers are meant to help you better understand what to look out for so you can keep your roof healthy and you and your family happy.

  • Protecting The Trim Can Be Easy

More often than not, the trim around your roof is made out of wood. While the usual suspects such as moisture, rotting, bugs, and vermin can displace sections of your trim, there are some simple steps to help your cause. Something as elementary as applying a coat of heavy duty and weather-resistant paint can extend the life of your trim. You can also keep a keen eye on your gutters (which we will talk about in a little bit) to make sure they are not leaking onto the trim.

  • The Underbelly Of Your Roof

While the soffit is not typically known by many property owners in terms of its importance, it becomes quite vital in protecting the inner workings of your roof, especially if your roof has overhangs. Once again, keeping an eye on your gutters – noticing a theme here? – can do wonders to protect the soffit and in turn helping your roof and home ventilation. You may even consider hiring a professional to install a seamless gutter system to prevent the flow of moisture from seeping within the soffit.

  • The Armour Of Your Roof

If installed properly, the flashing can do wonders to protect your roof from water damage. If the time comes for you to have to replace or install new flashing, make sure to call a professional who knows what they are doing. Done correctly, the flashing will sit beneath the shingles and will most likely be coated in a waterproof sealant. If you notice the flashing cracking or wearing from the elements, call a pro pronto.

  • The All Important Drainage System

While we have mentioned above the ways in which your gutters can harm the other areas of your roof, we would now like to take the time to quickly explain the importance of the gutters themselves. An integral part of your roof, the gutters properly displace liquid and moisture from your roof. Keep these puppies clean of debris and free of leaks to positively compliment your roof structure.

  • Last But Not Least

Arguably the most noticed piece of equipment on your roof, the shingles generally cover the most square-footage on a roof and help water and snow to slide off your roof to keep it from collapsing. Simple tricks like applying roofing tar when you notice the shingles starting to bend and curl or readjusting the shingles can momentarily extend the life of the shingles while you wait for a professional to come out and help. 

When the time comes to call a pro, please consider calling Durability Roofing and Construction so we can further assist with whatever roofing issue you may have.

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