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Ceiling Stains: What do They Mean and What do I do About Them?

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Oh, the dreaded ceiling stain. Whether you’re situated here in Allen, TX, or somewhere else in the world, a lot of us know that pain: the way they start so small, going unnoticed for some time until one day, you can’t ignore it anymore. No one wants to see them and certainly no one wants to spend the time and money to fix whatever it is that caused it. Regardless, when you come across one, it’s urgent that you take care of it. The longer we wait, the more we spend. 

The question that always burns, though: where did it come from? What caused it? Despite how easy a self-diagnosis may seem, it’s extremely important to remember that ceiling stains aren’t always the result of a leak. Today, Durability Roofing & Construction is here to talk about some of the other potential causes of these terrible and unattractive afflictions.

So where could they be coming from?

Let’s face it: one of the most dreaded thoughts as a home or business owner is the thought of having to deal with the procedures and expenses of a full roof repair or replacement. When it comes to the potential cause of the stains, the list of possibilities is unfortunately not a small one. One thing to note is that moisture buildup will always be the number one culprit. Easy enough, right? I mean, how many different possibilities are there for moisture to show up out of nowhere? Well, for starters, it could be…

  • Deteriorated or faulty shower pans
  • Chemical spills from poorly contained cleaning supplies
  • Cracked or poorly crafted stucco walls/ceilings or chimneys
  • Bad plumbing installation or faults in aged plumbing lines
  • Malfunctioning ductwork in HVAC systems
  • Pest or Mildew/Mold infestations

Daunting list, huh? So how do we fix this? One of the most important steps in preventing the spread of this problem is identifying the source. It could be something as simple and common (yet unfortunate) as a leak from your roof. It could be that a pipe has unknowingly burst in your walls or attic. It could also be, however, something far more aggressive and professionalised. 

What is there to do, then?

The roof over our heads is one of the most important creations in the history of mankind. Shelter is one of the top priorities for us as living, breathing, warmblooded creatures. With that knowledge, it’s important as home or business owners to have a regular roof inspection. For businesses, the rule of thumb is twice a year. For homes, it’s recommended that it occurs every three to five years depending on the materials. It should come as no surprise that most owners miss the mark there.

This is where we come in. Even though some of these problems can be diagnosed from the lens of a homeowner, it’s worth noting the peace of mind that comes with a professional eye. Durability Roofing & Construction can be that eye for you. At best, we can give you the rest-easy assurance that the problem was caught early on. But if worse comes to worst? Just know that we’re there for you every single step of the way.

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