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The Five Most Common Roofing Fails

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Reliable roofing is imperative to a safe, healthy home. A roof protects loved ones and brings a touch of personality to your home’s aesthetic. With our scorching summers and rainy, chilly winters, your roof also provides energy efficiency. Chances are, you’re no roofing expert so you’re unsure of all of the components of roofing repairs and replacements. Let’s discuss the most common roofing slip-ups we see! 

Fail #1: DIY 

The internet will tell you that there are many simple roofing DIY’s and that you can easily perform repairs and replacements yourself. Please don’t. We know it can feel rewarding and cheaper to do it yourself, but roofs are an integral part of your home and it’s something that should be left to the professionals. DIY roofing fails are far too common and can be extremely expensive ans dangerous. In order to effectively DIY a roof, you need a specific set of knowledge, skill and tools, as well as the knowledge required to properly diagnose your problem. 

Fail #2: Roof Patching 

This is most commonly seen when a homeowner decides to patch their roof when it actually needs to be fully replaced. We totally understand the desire to save money and squeeze that last ounce of life out of your roof, but it’s just not sustainable most of the time. A patch can be an effective temporary action, but don’t let it override a total replacement if that’s what you need. 

Fail #3:  Wrong Shingle Choice 

It’s typical that homeowners view shingles as a simple problem to fix. Yes, it’s absolutely simple to head down to the hardware store and pick up some shingles, but do you know which ones you’d need? What if more than just the shingles are damaged? You could easily end up with insulation problems, leaks and even more costly damage.   

Fail #4:  Identifying the Problem 

It’s common not to notice the issues our roofs are having right off the bat, so it’s important to have it regularly inspected. Yes, you can check for warning signs on your own, but sometimes the problems are easily noticed without a professional taking a look. Annual inspections by a professional roof inspecator can help identify any problems and ensure any small issues aren’t allowed to get bigger.  

Fail #5:  Waiting Too Long 

Human’s procrastinate. It’s part of who we are, unfortunately. We’ll put off calls, avoid family, or push projects until the last second. However, when it comes to your roof, procrastination can be devastating to your home. It could bring mold, fire hazards, leaks, damage and more if put off too long. If you’ve noticed signs of issues, get in touch with a professional immediately to get it taken care of!  

How to Avoid Roofing Fails 

Asking for help is the absolute best thing you can do for your roof. Leave it to the professionals to handle all of your roofing issues, no matter how much money you think you’ll save. Texas Durability is here to help you with all your roofing needs! 

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